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Welcome to The Modern Movement's Rehabilitation Services.

We hope to help you in your rehabilitative and performance process.

Graston and A.R.T.

Graston and Active Release Technique (A.R.T) are a rehabilitation service that help us provide a deep tissue muscle activation and release that allows for areas of pain or adhesion to begin the rehabilitation process. We are one of the few certified providers in San Antonio, so come check us out.

Individualized Therapy Techniques

Dr. Aaron Root works with a patient through a light therapy exercise to help activate and train various receptors. Neurology is a key factor in our rehabilitation and work to help you in any way we can.

Modern Movement Therapies

Dr. Aaron Root and Justin Reyna work in tangent with unique but neurologically inclined rehabilitation protocols. Their system brings sensory, electric and neurological components into the patients rehab cycle. This along with a prioritized chiropractic plan of care can hold a better outcome in the maintenance of proper structure. Following the treatment process, this particular patient has shown excellent results in the past 3 months and can be seen making tangible improvement throughout the session. 

Dr. Heith Root working on fellow Modern Movement Practitioner with a Laser Guided Motion technique to help bring his neural compass back into cohesion with his muscular system.