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Find your rehabilitation plan with us.

Find your rehabilitation plan with us.

Find your rehabilitation plan with us.Find your rehabilitation plan with us.Find your rehabilitation plan with us.

We treat all injuries, pain and recovery needs.

We have a Global, Local, Global treatment system built to find your pain, make the proper adjustments, apply  the necessary techniques and all while educating you to ensure you're able to do what matters most to you. 

We want to help in your transition from being in pain to being out of it. Our patients have seen relief from chronic pain, you can too.

What do we offer?

Full Wellness & Neuro Rehabilitation

Within our chain of practitioners, we will assist you through a full wellness and rehabilitation check up. This includes a session with Dr. Heith or Aaron Root to scan and develop their Chiropractic plan. Their techniques can help adjust a neural signals and return its state to normal, this is important in recovering fully from an injury (especially in chronic pain cases). With this in mind, we pair a session with our Rehabilitation Practitioner Justin Reyna and offer a variety of body work techniques(Active Release/ Graston Technique and Neufit) that offer a sustained muscular structure in combination with your Chiropractic plan.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Heith & Aaron Root provide exceptional chiropractic care sessions. Working with the Roots is a neurologically progressive therapy session that aligns neural compasses and muscular infrastructure.

Functional Movement & Performance

Here we focus on a muscular and neurological cohesive balance to attain a stronger sense of mobility and rehabilitation.  With various techniques we are able to define areas of pain and help you find the relief you're looking for.

rehabilitation in a forward scope

Chiropractic Adjustment and Evaluation

 “The grand formula for chronic pain doesn’t exist; it has to be created, one person at a time.”- Dr. Heith Root

Check out a session!

Each patient is assessed and treated to help in situations of pain, imbalance, fatigue, muscular tension or neurological deficiency. 


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